My name is Kim Diaz Holm, and I’m an artist from Bergen, Norway, creating art for free use.

With ink and in video I tell stories and draw dark art delving into topics of mythology, horror, mental health, politics, and humour.

On TikTok and Youtube I've been creating videos since 2020 with daily ink monsters, reaching several millions of viewers and over a million followers.

I’ve released books, comics, held exhibitions, and I occasionally capture black metal music from the side of the stage at concerts, having drawn over 2000 live concert drawings, all available for free use. I have worked with bands like Solstafir, Vreid, 1349, Abbath, Primordial, and so many others.

I have worked professionally since 2004, and my online gallery has over 4 GB's of art for free use. Like many other artists, I also suffer from depression and bi-polar disorder. Besides my artistic aspirations, I'm also a family man, with a wife and two kids. So everything I do, I do for them.

Art should be free
Not necessarily free of charge, but free to spread, use, and make new art from. Like the fairy tales of old, or folk music, art is at its heart a communal effort. It is a way of communication, not a commodity.

I make art and release it under Creative Commons licences, so you can use it exactly as you see fit. While doing so, I also release merchandise, prints and originals for those who would like to support me on my way.

As the copyright industries tighten their grip of the internet, infringing on our privacy, freedom of speech, and our human rights in the process, we as artists need to find new, free ways of distributing our art, that is in line with the nature of art itself. That is what I’m trying to do.

Follow me for more
To see all the stuff I do, you can follow me on all my different social media accounts. But I also have a patreon with a lot of early access art, previews, and some behind the scenes stuff, and a Discord server with a very nice and slowly growing community, in both open and Patreon-exclusive channels.

Even though I make a living off my art, through commissions, jobs, YouTube, exhibitions, and my webstore with my partners in DUHH Digital, Patreon is the backbone of my whole business. The support I get on Patreon allows me to further push myself in new artistic directions, and also have security for those times when my bipolar rhythms make work more difficult. So if you wanna see more free art, please consider joining my Patreon.

Thank you for being a part of our community,
Kim Diaz Holm